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How to increment the Pardot Score using "update prospect"?

  • 10 August 2020
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Hi all - i’ve just created a zap between linkedin lead forms and pardot. The flow looks like this: 

When This Happens: Submission of Linkedin Lead Gen form

Do This 1: Find Prospect in Pardot (and create one if none exists)

Do This 2: Update Prospect in Pardot (finds the recently created prospect via Lead ID found in “Do This 1” step)  with lead score of “5”


The issue is if it’s an existing prospect, it changes the total lead score to 5 instead of ADDING 5. Is there anyway I can have the zap increment the lead score by 5? Or is there another workaround? 






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@Pawan This is a very common situation with a fairly simple solution. 


The output of your Do This 1: should contain the value of the lead score. If it is a new contact I assume the lead score will be 0 or empty, if it’s an existing contact I assume there will be some number in the field for lead score. 


Simply add a Formatter > Numbers > Perform Math Operation step after your Do This 1: step and put the output of the previous step (lead score) into one field and the number 5 into the next field. Be sure to choose “Add” and then use the output of this step when updating the contact as their new lead score. 

Even when there is no data for the Lead Score the math (0+5) will work (=5)