How to include the original image in my Twitter Buffer queue?

  • 17 August 2020
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I’d like to create a Twitter Buffer queue loop thanks to Zapier. However, there’s a problem: I can’t add the photos of my original tweets.

Or it’s impossible to do this either I don’t know how to procede. Could anyone help me?


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4 replies

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No I didn’t, but I’m planning to do it. Thanks for the advice anyway. :grinning:

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Hmmm - I see. I think this might be one for the Buffer team. Have you asked their support team?

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Hey Andy, 

Thanks for answering me. Actually, I’d like Zapier to replace specific previous tweets at the end of the Buffer schedule queue.

Furthermore, I’d like Buffer to repost exactly the same tweets it published first, with the same images. However, it seems to be impossible.

Indeed, it seems Zapier only can provide the old text and an image but through a specific dedicated URL. Unfortunately, I wish Buffer could publish exactly the same original tweet.

Unless I’m wrong?

PS: Sorry I haven’t got any screenshot because I deleted the tweet.

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Hey! If I understand correctly, you’re getting your post from Buffer, and it’s not sending you the photo? Can you share what it is sending you, so we can potentially help you troubleshoot?