How to handle customer service queries using Google Sheets and ChatBot?

  • 31 October 2021
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Good day zapiers, 


Excuse me if this is not the right place to ask about this. 


I’ve been looking all over the web to get this working but am hopeless , hoping to find an answer here. 

I am looking to create a website chatbot that can do the following function: 

Bot asks the customer for the delivery reference. 

Customers sends in the chat the delivery reference.

Bot do a search in the google spreadsheet and returns the row data to the customer. 

I hope that someone can put me on the right way in how this can be possibly achieved.




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2 replies

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Hi @Hosseios 

Check the available chatbot apps that have Zap integrations:


This is the Zap action you’ll want to use for the lookup: GSheets Lookup Row


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Hi @Hosseios 


are you programming the chat bot yourself or using something from another company? If it’s another company there may be an existing trigger that you could use.


Otherwise you’ll need to trigger your zap with a webhook. Have the chatbot send the tracking ID from your bot. From there, you can use a lookup “get row” in Google sheets to match that to the order and poll the rest of the data in the row. You’d then send back a post with that data back to your bot.