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How to generate CSV format File

  • 5 March 2020
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May be not so complicate but I currently don't find a solution to generate a CSV file before to upload it in a BOX folder.

The purpose of my Zap is to retreive quiz result from Quiz Tool , generate a CSV file and Upload it in a specific BOX folder for my LMS to be able to use it for Course status update. The LMS only accept CSV format file .

I have no problem to retreive data + upload it to box, but I 'm unable to find a solution to have it in CSV format . I curently use airtable to generate my file but in txt format, I also tried with Google sheet and Excel but never been able to have a CSV format file . I was also unable to find an application to convert or rename it to CSV before box upload. Any idea ?



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3 replies

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To get the .csv link to your sheet, you’ll need to add a step into the Zap.

If you add a Google Drive ‘Find a File’ step into the Zap, when that finds the Spreadsheet, it will give you a number of links for the file, including a .csv link that you can use to upload the file to Box. It’s important that the link is publicly accessible or the Zap wont be able to get the file. 

​I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any questions!

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My first step is to get data through Hook . this first step is working fine , then I’m also able to update a google spreadsheet row without problem also . My last step now is to upload this google spreadsheet in a specific bow folder in CSV format 

I think may be I’m doing somethin gwron on this third steps with Box

Here is my configuration . I tried to enter specific name, but eatime my uploaded file is added with .txt at the end



May be someting wrong in my configuration or Any action should be done ...

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Could I ask how you are currently getting the data? If you can use Zapier to create a Google Spreadsheet and add the data to it, then you'll be able to get a link to download that sheet as a csv, that you can save to Box.