How to extract numbers and status from an email and output into separate lines in Google Sheets?

  • 11 March 2022
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Hi All,

I have a basic zap set up where I have some simple regex (I don’t know Python) to extract any 12 or 13 digit numbers found in an email - this could be up to 1000 potentially in a single email.


I have an issue with writing this to a google sheet as I can’t make it put each of those in a new line without me having to specify each individual Output name from Formatter in the Google Sheet stage? How do i get around this?


Secondly - each of those numbers has a status next to it which i also need to extract and add in a secondary column. Am i right in saying i write something to extract the number plus its status, then use formatter to separate the two out?


Any help appreciated, i’m a complete beginner

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Hi @luke-b 

You may want to consider using a proper app for email parsing such as Maliparser:


Then you can try these options:

GSheets Create Row(s)


Looping to handle line items:

NOTE: There is a 500 line item limit.


Concept of how to create a looping Zap: