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How to deal with multiple output from a single action

  • 11 November 2022
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Hey there, I am using a Date/Time formatting and it gives me 2 outputs.


I would like to use these 2 outputs separately.
(i.e. tell Zapier that use output 1 of this action in this field and use output 2 of this action in a separate place)

Like this

Is this possible?



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Hi @Fahad.S!

The two outputs that you can see are a format of data called line items. That’s a way of saying that it’s more than one piece of information nested in the same field. 

You can absolutely get those two dates into two separate fields, but we’ll need to add some more formatter steps first. 


After the Date formatter step, add another Formatter step with the Utilities event. For the transform select Line item to text. Add the output of the date formatter step as the input for this one. You can leave the other fields blank. When you test this Formatter step the output will look like this:

11/05/2022, 11/26/2022

The key difference is that they are in one line in the output, not two. 


Now that the information isn’t line items, you need to split the text so the two dates are separated into two fields. For that, we need to add another formatter step. This time chose Text as the event and Split text as the transform. Add the output from the line items formatter step as the input, make sure that the separator is a comma (it should be this by default) and then for the Index field, select All as separate fields. When you test this step, you should now see two that the dates are 2 separate values and you’ll be able to put them in the right place in your next action. 


Let us know if you have any questions!