How to create tweet include multiple images from Notion database

Hello there,

I'm currently working on a task where I need to schedule tweets from a Notion database. But, I've come across a couple of issues. Firstly, it seems that Twitter doesn't allow direct uploading of media files. Instead, it only accepts links to media files.

(BTY, I've discovered that Twitter blocks Pinterest links: The app returned "Access Denied.")


Additionally, Twitter only allows a single media link per tweet, specifically the first link. This poses a challenge as I would like to include multiple images from the Notion database in a single tweet.

I'm seeking assistance on how to overcome these challenges and find a way to create a tweet with multiple images sourced from the Notion database.


Thank you for your help.

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Hi there @Almoiad,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

It looks like you have found Community post that has the similar issue with you, and it turns out to be a feature request. Would you like to get added to that feature request? If so, please let me know right away and I’ll get it sorted out for you.

Thanks! 😊

Unfortunately,  Notion's Files & Media Fields Missing on Zapier

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Hello @Almoiad, welcome to the Community! 👋

That’s odd, the Image, Video or GIF field on a Create Tweet action is a file field so it should accept a file object as well as a direct link to the file itself. See Send files in Zaps for more details. Does Notion send over the file object? You’d usually see the words “Exists but not shown” as the value in the file field if it is sending the file object over the to the Zap. If it doesn’t then you’d need to continue using a link to the file itself.

I’m not seeing any other reports of Pinterest links being blocked by Twitter at the minute. Could there be an issue with the link itself, perhaps it’s not a publicly link to the file? Or have you already tried other links to images on Pinterest that are publicly accessible but still don’t work?

In terms of being able to use multiple images in a single tweet it seems that you’re not the first to ask about this: 

The feature request related to that other topic in Community is still open but I’ve added your vote to that. This will allow us to notify you the minute it becomes possible to add more than one image to a tweet. And we’ll post any updates or potential workarounds we come across over on that other topic so I’d recommend subscribing to it to be kept informed of any developments! 🙂