How to create Google Tasks based on results of Google Form?

  • 24 September 2021
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Hi, everyone.  Tapping into your universal wisdom.

Has anyone created a zap that generates a task based on the responses to a survey in google forms?  For example, if you are asking potential clients if they are interested in different products:

product A

  • interested
  • not interested
  • not sure
  • wrong person

product B

  • interested
  • not interested
  • not sure
  • wrong person


If they answer ‘interested’ to any product, I would like to generate a task for a colleague (through Google calendar).  If the answer was ‘not sure’ to any product, this would generate a task for a different colleague. The tasks would note which product the potential client was interested in or ‘not sure’ about.

I have the results from the google form survey feeding into a google sheet.  The data is shown in the following manner.

Timestamp DATE Who? Email Product A Product B Product C
xxx xxx person A persona... interested not interested maybe
xxx xxx person B personb... wrong person maybe

not interested


Any ideas?  Thanks, all.

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2 replies

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Hi @CMN , 


You can use Filters and Paths to build the Zap.




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Hi @CMN 

Try using Filters/Paths in your Zaps.