How to change ChatGPT to GPT-4 using Zapier?

  • 5 January 2024
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Hi guys, plz help 

I would like to ask how can I up my chatgpt to gpt-4 in Zapier although I hv already pay for plus plan. I can choose gpt-4 while I am using Zapier to connect chatgpt. 


Anyone have ideas on it? 


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6 replies

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@SamB I just wanna thank you for the help clarifying the ChatGPT process, thanks to you I was able to successfully switch the model to GPT-4!

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YAY! You are most welcome, @TORLEY! 🤗 

Really pleased you were able to get the GPT-4 model selected. Do let us know if you need any further help with anything else - the Community is always here and happy to assist. Until then, happy Zapping! 😁⚡

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I’m so sorry about missing your replies here, @Estelle.Li

Hmm, it definitely appears you’ve got enough credits with them. So this is very strange indeed! 🤔

I’m not sure if connecting the account before it was upgraded to the ChatGPT Plus plan would have caused the issue here but it may be worth reconnecting the ChatGPT account to Zapier to ensure it’s able to see that you’ve since purchased the ChatGPT Plus plan and have enough credits? 

Can you try reconnecting your ChatGPT account and let me know whether that then allows you to select GPT-4 in the Zap? 

Keen to ensure this gets sorted so I’ll be keeping an eye out for your reply!

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Hi @Estelle.Li, welcome to the Community! 🙂

Having a ChatGPT Plus account does not grant access to the necessary GPT-4 API. In order to be able to access GPT-4 in your Zap you need both a ChatGPT Plus plan AND to have purchased pre-paid credits (at least $1’s worth) with OpenAI. 

Once you have both of those, the option to use GPT-4 in your ChatGPT actions should then become available to select.

Can you take a look in your OpenAI account here: and confirm whether you’ve made a purchase with them of at least $1?

If you purchased credits after connecting your OpenAI account to the Zap then it may be worth reconnecting the account to see if that then gets the GPT-4 models showing in the Zap.

Hope that helps. Please do keep us in the loop on how you get on with that! 


I just checked with my account. I think I have at least $4 at my account? After I purchased for plus plan, I was automatically granted $5. 

Is that fulfil the requirement of using gpt-4 in Zapiet?


Because at the beginning, I didn’t paid for plus account and I connected to Zapier. Until last month I have upgraded to plus plan. I don’t know if this caused the above problem. But I would be weird tho.