How to automatically create a new Item ID using the "Change Multiple Columns Value in" integrated with Google Forms?

  • 17 March 2023
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I integrated Google Forms with to immediate reflect data on the dashboard. The Google Forms results will be a recurring process thus multiple items will be reflected in the board. 


I used the trigger: 1. Change multiple columns value in when new or updated form response in Google Forms then action will be: 2. Change Multiple Columns Value in

My problem is, Zapier is requiring for an Item ID. New responses from Google Forms will over ride the column values since it is by default referenced to item 1. I cannot always update the dashboard just to ensure new Google Form results will not override the row referenced to item 1.


Is there a way for Zapier to automatically change this Item ID so that the results will be more accurate? Thanks!

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3 replies

Thank you for your reply @nicksimard 


Here’s a more detailed scenario relating to my problem:

  • Every day, orders are coming in via google forms. I want it to be reflected immediately in our dashboard which is why I tried to use zapier with the trigger: Change multiple columns value in when new or updated form response in google forms then will have an action: Change Multiple Columns Value in
  • This trigger and action combination requires a default item ID from the side of
  • Now this is where my problem comes in… I cannot always check and change the connected default item ID in my zap just to match the item ID with as I cannot anticipate when orders will be coming in
    • Order #1 will use item ID 1 therefore cannot use the same item ID anymore
  • I also tried changing the default item ID in my zap however, it does not add a new layer of rows as an additional input instead it just overwrites the previously generated multiple columns from the google form - it does not populate my board with new rows of information from the new google form results using this zap trigger and action combination

Is there a better way to achieve my objective? Or am I missing something with my combination of trigger and action choices? 


I’m not sure if the lookup table will work but will take a look as well. 

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Hi @vic_rad 

I looked for options, and I suggest you try using the Get Column Values step, then put it between the trigger and the Change Multiple Columns Value action step on

But please let us know how it goes after you try the Lookup Table step!

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I’m not 100% sure I’m following what the workflow is.

Since you need the Item ID in your action step, you have a few options:

  • always select the same Item ID, by picking one from the dropdown in your Zap (unlikely to be what you want)
  • get the Item ID from the trigger step itself (also pretty unlikely)
  • have a lookup table that you can reference, using data from the Google Forms trigger (this can use Google Sheets, Airtable, Formatter’s Lookup Table, etc)

A few useful posts about lookup tables:

Does that help at all, or have I misunderstood what you’re asking for? If so, can you elaborate on what problem you’re trying to solve? Thanks!