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How to add co-worker's accounts to a Zap in Asana?

  • 30 August 2023
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I have a ‘task’ table in airtable and each task is assigned an owner. I set up a zap to basically duplicate these tasks to asana. The assignee field shows the proper owner email as pulled from airtable, but only I am actually seeing new tasks pop up in asana as created by the zap. Is it because my asana account is attached to the zap? Bu then how would I add all my co-workers accounts to the zap? Thanks!


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 31 August 2023, 17:23

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6 replies

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Hi there @alexb123,

That’s great news! I’m glad Troy was able to help you out!

Regarding your question about a one-step workaround, unfortunately, there is no one-step workaround for this one. Since the “Assignee” field looks for the Assignee ID, we will need to add a “Find User” step, as Troy suggested.

I appreciate your understanding.

Ah, but now I have to switch to a paid version to have a multi-step Zap. I knew this was too good to be true! I assume there is no one-step workaround?

amazing, that worked, thanks!

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Add this Zap action: Asana - Find User

Search by Email Address..

That will return the Asana User ID.

Map that Asana User ID to the Assignee field in the Asana action.



Thanks. See attached.

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Hi @alexb123 

Good question.

To help give us more context, please post detailed screenshots with how each of your Zap steps is configured in the Zap Edit mode.