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How should my webhook payload be formatted to leverage line item support?

  • 9 April 2020
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I have payload being sent to Zapier which is currently formatted as an array of objects. A very simplified version:


If I send this as-is to Zapier Webhook trigger, it’s being split and parsed individually (thereby using up more tasks since each object in the array triggers the zap). Is there a way to format this (I have complete control over the input) so that Zapier parses it in one big payload, but each object as a line item? Ultimately, I want to pass the data to Google Sheets, utilizing the line-item support of those actions.

I’ve tried nesting the array within another object, but that wreck’s Zapier’s parsing causing the array to become one long string.



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Try something like this:

"id": ["asdf1234", "asdf1235"],
"title": ["asdf", "fdsa"]

You want to pass each field as an array

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Thanks! I got close but didn’t quite get the array structure right. Looks like this is working. Thanks again for the simple and quick response!