How do you transform TRUE cells in Google sheets to specific text?

  • 27 March 2020
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I have check boxes in my Google Sheets source file. I’d like to the Zap to transform a checked cell (true) into specific text in an Outlook event.


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2 replies

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Hi @cfcmarketing thanks for you question and I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this!


Could you share a little more detail about what you’re looking to do here? What are the steps in your Zap for example?

When you say that you want to change the ‘TRUE’ text into something else, do you mean that when the cell is changed to True you want to update the event? Or do you want to have one piece of text in the calendar event if it says ‘TRUE’ and a different piece of text if it says ‘FALSE’? If we know a little more about what you’re trying to do then we might be able to help you work this one out 🙂

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Hey @cfcmarketing, we just wanted to check in again on this thread! Are you able to provide some additional details and answers to the questions Danvers had asked about in their reply? Once we have a bit more information, we can do our best to point you in the right direction. Let us know!