How do you filter a yes/no question from Acuity Scheduling to MailerLite?

  • 23 February 2022
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I have an acuity class set up.  I want to zap subscribers to one group in my mailerlite. I got that all set up fine. It will send them to one group called Energy Class, so I can email them their worksheets. 

But....I also ask in the intake form on Acuity Scheduling: "Would you like to join my newsletter?"  

I would like to create a zap where if a client says "yes" it sends a zap to put them in my newsletter group.  I can't figure out how to do it!

Any thoughts on how to get that question sorted in zapier to filter newsletter peeps?

I’ve tried the path and putting in the form question, but nothing seems to work.


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8 replies

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Hi @nichollechandler 

Try adding a Filter step to your Zap:

I’ve tried filters and paths. 
when I put it the form question, I am not sure what to our next. Nothing works from the drop down menus. I need step by step instructions for this specific case. 

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For step by step instructions, we will need to see the fields returned from the trigger and how you had your path or filter configured. 

I would have a zap that looks something like this

Trigger: Acuity 

Action: Add/Update Subscriber in Mailer Lite. (add them to the first list)

Filter: Only continue if the client says yes

Action: Add/Update Subscriber in Mailer Lite. (add them to the second list)

That is where I get caught up.


Here are some screen shots.

“Only if it continues if the client says yes” is NOT an option!

I put in the “Form question” for the first option…. then it list things like contains, exact match, etc. I have tried all of them, and put yes in the last field, and it won’t work.

Last screen shot says That zap wouldn’t continue. 

What does the condition need to be set as from an acurity form question that is yes or no choice?

Thank you!!!


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Can you show the data points returned from the Zap trigger step?

Help article for how to change the Zap trigger data examples to use to configure the Zap:

*Sigh I don’t know what you mean by that.  I am so new at this.  I think I might just give up and mannually enter people into my newletter. 

I have the trigger set up perfectly for acuity to put their email into one group of subscribers into mailerlite. I just can’t figure out how to add another step to put those that say YES to a question into my newsletter group.

I see the form question as a trigger… I don’t see any other options that would make sense.

Can I chat with someone and share screen?

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Can you provide screenshots with the data points returned from the Zap trigger step?


May be worth checking out the help articles available that cover Zap Basics:

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Hi @nichollechandler 

Troy is asking to see what the value options for your form are. Sometimes what appears like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ options are really true or false values. If you’ve tried mapping the question in the filter and saying contains yes and that didn’t work then try using the Boolean is True field for the middle option. If they are checking off a check box it might be a true/false field or could simply say ‘checked’.  

If you can take a screenshot of the answer to the sample data question then we can help more but without knowing what the answer looks like we can’t tell you the exact thing to put.