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How do you enter a list of email addresses without the "Header values can't contain newlines" error

  • 5 April 2021
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Hi fellow Zapierians,

I created a zap to send automated recurring email to a group of people. I am using literal values in “To” field, not a values from a prior step. I copied and pasted the list of email addresses using comma-separated format. But the Zap threw me an error - Header values can't contain newlines.

I googled and found the below:

I figured may be I copied and pasted the comma-separated list of email addresses directly into the field that caused the problem, I manually reentered the list of email addresses again (thank god it is not a long list) in the Editor and test run it, and it seemed to work.  My questions to the forum are:

  1. So does it mean that I have to enter the list of email addresses manually, instead of copy and paste? I can’t imagine if I have to enter more than 100 email addresses manually
  2. Is there other way around this?
  3. Also, I find that there is no difference in “To” field, whether I type manually or I copy and paste. Am I missing something or a step, like press “Enter” key after I copied and pasted?




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Hi @jw95 

The guidance may depend on how your prepared the comma separated list that you copied and pasted in to the Zap To field.

Try prepping in a GSheet with each email address in it’s own cell then concatenating using the TEXTJOIN function:

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HI @Troy Tessalone ,

I did prepped the list from Excel’s PowerQuery. I did not realise that could make a difference. Will keep that in mind next time. Thanks!