How do I trigger HubSpot to Jira update when specific Jira properties change?

  • 30 November 2023
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When creating a Zap to update/pull information from HubSpot to JIRA, we have the ability to configure the Zap with a detailed trigger, specifying the necessary properties.

In the screenshot below, you can see that we can set up a trigger to activate whenever a specific HubSpot ticket property is updated. The values from these updates should then be reflected in the corresponding JIRA ticket.


However, when configuring the Zap to trigger whenever any of the JIRA ticket properties are updated (and we need to include more properties), we encounter a limitation. We are unable to select the specific properties we want to trigger the update/pull information from JIRA to HubSpot.

In the screenshot below, you can observe that we can only choose the 'Status' property, and it seems impossible to configure additional properties for this scenario. Is there a way to include more properties in the setup for this Zap?


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Hi @Appu Murugan 

Good question.

You would have to configure separate Zaps for each specific property or filed value to trigger on.