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How do I track Mailchimp newsletter engagement and send data to Salesmate CRM?

  • 17 October 2023
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I would like to be able to track whenever a contact opens or clicks on any of my upcoming newsletters in mailchimp so that I can send that info to my CRM Salesmate.

Anyone have an idea how to set this up? Mailchimp is giving me no solution.


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3 replies

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 Hi @Jordi! 👋

It looks like the Mailchimp app has Email Opened and Link Clicked triggers available: 
But seems that you’d need to select the specific link and campaign though, there’s no option to be able to set up a Zap to trigger on all clicks or all opens for any campaign. 

I did some further digging and found that we’ve got an existing feature request for those triggers to be able to run whenever any link in a campaign is clicked or when any campaign is opened. That seems to be just what you’re want here so I’ve gone ahead and added your vote to that. I can’t make any promises as to when or if it would definitely get implemented. But adding your vote does help to increase it’s priority and allow us to email you automatically once it gets implemented.

As a workaround, instead of setting up Zaps for each specific link and campaign are you able to get the desired tracking information exported from Mailchimp in a format that could be sent over to Salesmate? If you’re able to get a CSV export emailed to you for example perhaps you could use a Formatter (Utilities > Import CSV File) action to pull out the information and then the Zap could pass it over to Salesmate. Do you think that could work?

Hi @Troy Tessalone 

Thanks for you answer! Unfortunately Mailchimpt told me that the webhook does not trigger for all campaign interactions like clicks/opens.

Maybe there is a workaround for this?


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Hi @Jordi 

Good question.

Try using Webhooks in Mailchimp.

Location: Audience > Settings > Webhooks

Zap trigger: Webhooks - Catch Hook