How do I set up a Zap to automatically update ChatGPT when changes are made to Google Docs?

  • 13 March 2024
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Hi, I have never used Zapier before or Chatgpi.


I have a business that uses google docs for policies and guidelines. We also put PDFs in our google drive too. When we update a policy, it is easy, the google doc is updated and everyone will automatically have the updated form in their google drive. 

Now I want to use Zapier to refresh automatically everytime we make a change in google docs. or at least update it once a week. 


Can this be done?


Also, I can’t connect google docs and zapier. I fail at the last step in Action. It is asking

“Project Name”- I put my company name

“Data Retention” I chose Keep for reviewing in Results

“Filename For Storing” - no idea what to do

“File File For Processing” no idea what to do

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1 reply

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Hi there @chatgpihelpfor me, welcome to the Community! 👋

I can’t see any apps on Zapier called chatgpi or, is it the ChatGPT app you’re using in your Zap? If that’s the case, is it that you’re you wanting to upload the file to an OpenAI assistant? 

If so, you could potentially use the ChatGPT app’s Upload File action, but that wouldn’t replace the existing file it would just upload a new one. I couldn’t see any feature requests open for the ChatGPT app to be able to replace/update an existing file. So I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team to ask them to open up a couple of new feature requests for this. You can get in touch with them here: 

In terms of being able to trigger a Zap when a Google document is updated I did some checking but couldn’t see any existing triggers available for the Google Docs app that would be suitable. So it appears that the desired workflow isn’t going to be possible right now. That said, I did find an existing feature request for a “Updated Document” trigger to be added to the Google Docs app which would allow you to trigger a Zap when a Google Document is updated so I’ve added your vote to that. I can’t make any promises around when it might be implemented by but we’ll be sure to notify you by email if it is!

For the issue in connecting with Google Docs can you confirm what action you’re being asked to fill out those (Project Name, Data Retention, Filename for storing etc.) fields in?

Asking as I had a quick look at some of the Google Docs actions but couldn’t find a match for those specific field names. If you’re able to send over a quick screenshot of the action that has those fields it would be much appreciated. Please remove/hide any private information (like names, emails, addresses etc.) from any screenshots before sharing.

Thanks, I look forward to your reply!