How do I set up a daily Instagram post with a random photo selected from a cloud storage?

  • 28 November 2023
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I what to schedule a daily post on Instagram of a photo randomly selected form a bank of photos. Weather that bank is on drive I don’t care, if there is a better place to host the photos then ill use that.

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3 replies

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Hi @TheeNate 

Good question.

You will need some way to select the next photo.

What is your search criteria?

You’ll probably need to log the data in a GSheet or Airtable.

Then you can lookup and update which have been used.

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What do you mean search criteria? I have a folder of photos. I what to set up a zap, and selects a photo at random.(from google drive?) and post’s it to istagram. Is there already a solution for this?

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There isn’t a search option to pick a file at random.

You’ll probably need to log the file data in a GSheet or Airtable.

Then you could assign some sort of random value and sort by that value and pick the next file record.