How do I send info from 1 GravityformA when my trigger is a form submission from GravityformB ?

  • 7 March 2022
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My website is made that one Gravityform(A), wich serves for personal information is embeded inside another Gravityform(B) wich serves as a transaction form and concludes a registration.


I need the personnal informations (A) to be send (to Airtable) only when a registration is concluded (B).

There is no field in Gravityform A that gives the information about the transaction, making it impossible to use as a trigger.


Gravity form B on the other hand doesn’t have the informations I want to transfer.


I have heard of webhooks, yet this solution seems to only be found in a premium plan.


As a NGO project manager, money is a struggle and I am looking for a free option is can be.

Thank you very much !   

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2 replies

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Hi @DavidD 

Check out this help article from GF:

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Hi !

Thank you for the suggestion !

I tried upgrading with the starter, thinking that doing a multipath Zap would grant me another option, but it seems what you have suggested may be the only solution.