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How do I search only one row of Google Sheets and send Slack message

  • 12 July 2023
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Right now I have the following set up. So I want a slack message to send whenever one column of sheets is updated. I added the filter since my zap was in an infinite loop and I saw this message:


So the filter only moves forward if the column is true the column looks like this:


Problem I originally had sections in my sheets and I saw that Zapier stops when it sees a blank row so I changed that and added check boxes to my section titles which is why the top check box is highlighted blue. Once I added that the zapier trigger did work and sent a slack message based on the section title column being set to true! So I tried checking other boxes in the column but it did not work or send a slack message so now I am stuck.


How do I make it so that whenever any column in that sheet is checked off and set to ‘True’ a slack message is sent?


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4 replies

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Yes, you can use this Zap trigger: GSheets - New/Updated Row

Specify the desired field to watch.

Make sure to add a Filter as Step 2.

Thanks for the help! So is there no way to monitor when users click that check mark in Gsheets and then send a slack message?

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As an alternative to GSheets, try using Airtable.

Airtable has Views.

Views can have Filters.

Views can be used to trigger Zaps.

Airtable also has Automations with a native integration with Slack.

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Hi @zendesk_user 

Good question.


The "Updated Spreadsheet Row" trigger stopped triggering

If you're watching for changes to a column, we only see new values in that column. If you update the column of an existing row to a value that Zapier previously saw in that column, in that row, we won't see the new value. You will need to either choose a column that will only have unique values, or make a new one which will.

For example, if you had X in the Trigger column, then changed it to Y, the Zap would trigger. If you then changed it back to X it would not trigger again, because the Zap has already seen X in that column.


The Google Sheets trigger is marked "instant" but it still takes a few minutes to trigger

The triggers for Google Sheets are unique among Zapier triggers. When there is a trigger event in the spreadsheet, Zapier gets a notification webhook from Google about this. After that, Zapier sends Google Sheets a request for new data, so it uses both the polling and instant trigger methods. This process takes about 3 minutes overall.

While not being "instant", these triggers are faster than regular polling ones, as they don't depend on the polling interval of the plan your account uses.


“New or Updated Spreadsheet Row” trigger behavior

If you’re using the New or Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger and choose Any column to monitor, any change to a row will trigger your Zap. If you select a specific column, then the Zap will only trigger when there are changes on that column.


Zaps using New or Updated Spreadsheet Row will also trigger for any new rows in the spreadsheet, even if the specified column is blank. To avoid triggering in those cases, add a Filter step to your Zap.