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How do I re-trigger new lines that have been deleted then re-added in Google Sheets?

  • 13 November 2020
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When I create a zap that triggers on adding a new line in a google spreadsheet, it works perfectly.

But, if I happen to erase let say 2 lines in the document, the fact is that the next two lines that will be added in the document are simply ignored.

How is it possible to make it work properly ? Is it possible to “reset” the last line number after having removed one or more lines from the file ?

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2 replies

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+1 for Airtable - Great use case for it

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Hi there,

it is not possible using Google Sheets. Zapier uses the row numbers as the row ID so if you have rows 1-10 and delete rows 9&10. Zapier still remembers that those rows existed. You could try triggering on “Updated Rows” instead of new rows but that can also be problematic because if you delete row 5 (Zapier will think all other rows past 5 were updated because row 6 becomes row 5 and so on). 

I have not found a good workaround for this other than selecting to hide rows instead of deleting them or switching to something like Airtable instead of Google Sheets which uses a unique iDs instead of row numbers as IDs