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How do I create a ZAP for: Web Form (Leads) -> Google Sheet -> Agents in Sequence

  • 27 September 2022
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Hi everyone! I’m fairly new to Zapier and need help in creating a zap process.

I have a webform (on a Wix website) from which the leads are going to a Google Sheet (via Wix Automation).

I want to distribute these leads among a team of 14 persons sequentially one-after-another.

  1. When a new row (a lead) is entered in the Google Sheet (via the web form), I want the lead to be assigned among the team of 14 persons one-by-one as they come in. So when one cycle of 14 is done, it keeps following the process as new leads come in.
    (Similar to the Round Robin principle of evenly distributing items to everyone in the group. This means that everyone will get a single "lead" before anyone gets a second "lead" and it keeps repeating in a cycle)
  2. The leads being sent to the 14 persons needs to be sent via an email separately to each. Email could be from my gmail account.

How do I execute this correctly? 


Thanks in advance! 


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Hiya @ktoneclub! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community! 🤗

I wonder if a few of these similar topics may help you with getting started:

There’s also a help doc on setting up and round-round here:

I hope some of this helps get ya on the right track!