How do I connect Typeform responses with Doodle scheduling when a participant submits answers?

  • 18 April 2023
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Hello All,

I will start with my purpose:

I need to distribute a survey to about 250 people. They will need to answer 5 questions (some multiple choice, some short answer text). They will then need to choose 3-5 times that they could be available to meet, starting on a specific date.

The problem:

My participants are located all over the world, in different time zones. The scheduling poll I send to them needs to automatically update to their local time zone or have a dropdown option to adjust the displayed times. For this reason, Doodle best suits my needs. However, Doodle does not have the function to let me add additional, customizable questions. This is where I want to use Typeform. 

Ideal Workflow:

Participants answer Typeform questions → they are sent to Doodle→ Participants select meeting times on Doodle→ Answers are submitted.

Due to the high volume of participants, I need both the Typeform and Doodle responses to be “connected” and retrievable from the same place. With these answers, I will be random sorting people into 35 different groups based on their preferred times so having the Typeform responses (which will include name/email) connected is essential.



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3 replies

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Hey @MN-TG ,


What help do you need? Regarding your problem, when you sent an calendar invite to the user, the user will receive the calendar as per his/her local time only. 

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It is not a calendar invite, it is a meeting time poll. I need to have participants select availability and answer additional questions.

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Hi @MN-TG 

Jumping in to see if I can help!

Upon checking, Doodle app doesn’t have an action step available for integration. However, would you like Doodle to create a poll whenever there’s a new entry from Typeform?