How do I automate whatsapp group creation after a sale is closed

  • 11 November 2022
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Hi all, after closing a lead, I wishing to

1) automate creating a whatsapp group between relevant parties, sending default text messages into that whatsapp group
2) initiate creating a private google drive folder for client with default files uploaded into it and
3) adding relevant parties to a larger whatsapp group (different group from 1)

Is that possible? Thanks!

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3 replies

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Hey there, @shawnonghs! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Community!

Which app are you using to manage your leads? Specifically where will the “closing of leads” be taking place? The reason I ask is it helps to think of zaps in terms of triggers/actions. 🙂 So it might look like - “When a lead closes in xyz app (trigger), create a Google Drive folder (action)”.

Once you have that I’d recommend checking if the app is supported in our App Directory and if there’s a correlating trigger for “Lead Closed” or similar. Google Drive does have “Create Folder” and  “Upload File actions!

I checked and WhatsApp isn’t a supported app at the moment. 😔 I added your vote for this integration to our internal app wishlist though! We'll be sure to let you know if and when this app is added. In the meantime, if you're curious, here's a bit more on how new services typically get added to Zapier.

I hope some of this helps! 🤗

Thanks! Currently Im not using any app to close the lead as it is all manual invoicing. Im thinking of changing to stripe, will that work? 

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@shawnonghs It certainly could! Check out this page for different Stripe integration options 😉