How do I automate uploading my recording link to Google Calendar meeting descriptions post-meeting?

  • 27 February 2024
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How do I make it so that after a meeting my recording link is uploaded to the Google Calendar description of the meeting. 

I am using Google Meets automatically from my Google calendar. For most of those meetings, my will record the video meetings. 

I want to have the recording link uploaded to the Google Calendar description when the call ends. 

What I tried was 

Trigger - New Download Video in Fathom

Action - Update Event in Google Calendar

This didn’t work as expected. I couldn’t pull in previous events in my Google Calendar, only upcoming events. It would then only allow me to upload Fathom videos that were previously recorded. 

When I tested this, it uploaded the wrong video link to the Google Calendar description. 

Was the right process but the wrong video… 

I then tried something else, but was unable to integrate the Fathom app (it said “not available”)

Trigger - When Google Calendar event ends

Action - Update Google Calendar description

… my expectation was that I would be able to upload the right video if the trigger started after the video ended. 


Any advice??


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3 replies

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Hi @strategicbrandbuilders 

For us to have more context, post screenshots with how your steps are outlined configured, thanks.

Sorry first time posting in here! 

Here is the Fathom trigger.. the Recording is from today (past)


Here is the Google Calendar action. It is pulling in meeting for tomorrow (future). 


Because this is happening, it is attaching the wrong meeting link to the description. 

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Ideally you map the GCal Event ID from a previous Zap step. (bottom value in screenshot)

You may have to first add a step to find the GCal Event ID.

That is how you make the Zap dynamic each time the Zap is triggered to run.