How do I automate status changes in Notion database items from Active to Finished in two steps?

  • 19 April 2023
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I would like to know if it is possible to automate status changes of notion database items in two steps only.

I know that this possible in three: Event ends > Find Item > Change Status.

My goal is to have an item’s status to change from Active to Finished. I can achieve this in a test by selecting the item with the appropriate id. However, when I try outside of Zapier with a new item, the item does not update. I think this is because the Find item step is missing.

I tried entering the Summary Field from google cal but this gives a uuid failure.

Is this right or is there a way to automate in two steps status changes in Notion in only two steps?

I feel like I did achieve this a while ago in a Zap but I can’t find it in my history as my org is on the Free plan.



1 reply

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Great question @tom4636! 🙂

What value exists in the Summary field on the event?

If the summary for the event contains just the ID for the database item, and if you select that Summary (Google Calendar) field in the Item field on the Update Database Item (Notion) action, it should be able to update the database item. Getting rid of the need for an additional step.

If the Summary field contains other information, in addition to the ID for the database item, then that may be why you ran into an error. As it would need to only have the ID number for the item entered into the Item field. Is that the case here, or was only the ID number for the database item present in the event’s summary?

Looking forward to hearing from you!