How do I automate ChatGPT analysis of articles/research papers for free without Webhooks?

  • 19 September 2023
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I want to automate asking GPT4 to analyse articles/research papers. The goal is to post a URL or PDF attachment in Discord, and get the ChatGPT analysis as a message in the same channel. The Zap looks like this:

Discord Msg Trigger → extract text from article in message → ChatGPT Conversation (analysis) → post analysis in Discord

Discord message input/output setup has been fine; the roadblock I’m experiencing is getting the bulk text of the article to pass to ChatGPT. I am a free user, so webhooks are not an option for me currently.

Options I have explored are as follows:

  • PDF handler apps: the ones available seem to be for PDF generation only or extracting data from predictable templates e.g. invoices, so not suitable.
  • Web Parser: can’t handle the amount of text I want to extract as it seems designed for normal webpages.
  • Webhooks: premium option.

Can I do something with Google Docs acting as a “middle man” for this Zap, or are webhooks my only solution?

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Hi @Pash 

Good question.

Trigger: Dropbox - New File in Folder

Option: Include file contents?

NOTE: Large files may not work.