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How do I add an Active Campaign tag to a contact when there's a new contact activity in ClickFunnels?

  • 26 May 2023
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I have connected my Active Campaign account via API, and Clickfunnels via login.

Zapier sees the funnel, and the specific funnel step, and found a test contact.

I am looking to add a tag to trigger an automation in active campaign.


I am able to add a list from active campaign, but when I go to tags, its showing me data coming in from Clickfunnels, and not actually tags that exist in Active Campaign. How do I add a tag? Or do I need to do the automation triggered by the new contact added to the list, and then complete the tag step within Active Campaign? 


The VSL opt-in tag that is in the screenshot is the correct tag, but i’ve manually input it and its clearly not syncing up to whats in active campaign, or feeding the options from the active campaign tags. Its feeding inputs that are data fields in clickfunnels only. 





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Hi @Gill 

Good question.

Zap steps can have static values or dynamic values or a mix of static/dynamic values in fields.

The AC Tags field is an open text field, so you can use as you’ve configured with a static tag.

After testing the Zap step, you should see the Tag added to the Contact in AC.

If testing live, then check the Zap Runs to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step to help you troubleshoot.

Also, in AC for a Contact, you can see the history log of changes to help you troubleshoot.