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How can I use AI tools in Zapier to generate audio files of music soundtracks?

  • 9 February 2024
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Hi! I was looking at this several times (  ) but haven’t surfaced something yet, maybe I’m missing something.

So, I know OpenAI/ChatGPT (and Claude) can do AI generation of text and images, respectively.

I want something to generate audio files of music soundtracks that I can add to a video that Zapier is processing for me. Is there anything that works, recommendations please? Even something that makes short 15-30 sec. clips based on a prompt would be nice.

I imagine if it exists on here, it’s quite new.

I looked at non-AI music sources, and it looks like for YouTube and Spotify and SoundCloud, I can’t actually COPY AND ADD a music file (likely for legal reasons) onwards, just a link.

Tips appreciated!


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Great question, @TORLEY

Hmm, I’ve been doing some digging but couldn’t find any apps currently available on Zapier that have that sort of functionality. There appear to be apps out there like Loudly for example that would be able to generate royalty-free music for you using AI which might be worth looking into as they’ve got a API that you can request access to. So I’m thinking that perhaps you can add a Webhooks by Zapier action to your Zap to send a request to their API that generates the music and gives a file (or publicly-accessible link to the file) that you could then select in the Zap action that processes the video.

I’ve not used the Loudly app personally but that sort of approach could potentially work for any similar app capable of using AI to generate music, as long as it gives access to it’s API and allows basic authentication connections. If it requires the use of non-basic authentication like OAuth, then you’d need to look at building a private app integration on Zapier's developer platform which is a lot more work. But we do have a large number of certified Zapier Experts that could assist with that: 

Hope that helps. Please keep us updated on how you get on with this, would love to hear from you! 🙂

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@SamB Thanks as usual for such a thoughtful answer! I’d appreciate shared experiences from anyone else who has got such a thing to work already, and will look more into Loudly.