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How can I see my PostgreSQL tables ?

  • 16 March 2020
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Hi everyone,

I would like to trigger my zap when a row is updated in a specific database table (Postgres database).

My connection to the database works fine, but in the table selection field I am not able to see my tables.
I double checked the permissions, it can’t be the cause.

I tried the ‘new row on a custom query’ trigger but it doesn’t meet my need as I’m looking for an update.


Do you have any idea how could I make them visible ?


Good day,



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Hi @Val_C! I’m sorry that you’re having trouble finding your tables in the Zap. Are your tables in different schema? The schema that your tables are in need to match the schema that you use when connect your account to the Zap. If you have tables in different schemas, then you need a different connection (and therefore Zap) for each schema. 


If that doesn’t sound like the problem here, it could still be a permissions issue. I know that you’ve said that you’ve double checked everything so I’m sorry to ask you to take another look, but could I ask if you’ve looked at the permissions needed to send/receive data from the address that Zapier uses to connect to PostgreSQL databases.


The IP address is and you need to both open up your firewall and grant remote access permissions to the address. 


If that doesn’t help, could I ask if you are you using a non-AWS, or Amazon RDS/EC2 or Heroku?

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Thanks for your reply @Danvers !

I finally managed to connect to my PostgreSQL table while I wasn’t able to see it in the list (probably because my database contains more than 200 tables).

I entered my exact table name, skipped the suggestion and then the connection succeed.

Of course I already had granted the access permissions before.

I hope this will help other people who had the same issue :)

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Thanks so much for sharing that, @Val_C!