How can I create recurring events for student schedules from a form with multiple date options?

  • 6 July 2023
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Hey @ken.a thank you! 
I do have a continuous problem:

What would be the best way to connect my students from a Form so a Recurrent Event is created? Two times or three times a week

I've been thinking about 
1) Setting up a Form with the Dates that they can choose
2) Once they Choose a date, a Calendar Event is created pulling the date chosen

My only problem is pulling the date format and each date for separe Calendars Events.

For example:
A student chooses to study every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM
How can I from that set up a recurrent event every Tuesday and Thursday? From the same form.

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Hi @JP from Twain

In a Create Detailed Event action if you select the Repeat Frequency of Weekly you’ll then be given a Repeat on these days of the week field where you can select the relevant days:

But getting the values for the Repeat on these days of the week field field to be filled out automatically might be a bit tricky depending on what’s sent over by the form. Not sure at this point whether you’d need to use a filter/paths, lookup table or a completely different approach to handle that.

Can you share a screenshot showing the exact information the Zap receives from the trigger app when a student chooses to study every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM? That will help us to see what approach is needed. Please remove/hide any private information from the screenshot before sharing (like names, email addresses etc.).

Looking forward to hearing from you!