How can I create new Google sheets and graphs for each student from new Typeform submissions?

  • 4 November 2022
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I’m working on a feature for an online financial management course, where the students enter their weekly expenses/spending, and are then sent a graphical representation of their spending over time.  I’m not sure how to achieve this on an individualized basis.  Right now, thinking student enters spending data and email in Typeform, which will send data to Google sheets, Zap graph to student email (through LMS, most likely Kajabi).  Each student will have their own Google sheet which tracks their spending over time, which means I need a unique form for each student. How do I do this uniquely for each student? Is there a better way?

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3 replies

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Wow thank you for this!  Ideally, the user cannot see the results until after they have entered their info.  The idea is to show them their progress only at certain points throughout the course, even though they’ve been entering data every week.  Do while having them enter directly into Sheets would be easier, it would defeat the purpose.  I wonder if using Google Forms could simplify and eliminate some steps?

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Hey @mckelvy_ops!

I think that Google Sheets is going to be your best bet for this, and you can use Zapier to create a new sheet for each student based on a template. You could create the sheet, set up sharing permissions and send the students a link to it all through Zapier.  

To enter the data, if you’d like it to be ongoing, I wonder if it would be better to ask the students to do that directly into the Google Sheet? You can do it with Zapier, but it will save you some time and tasks. If you set up the Google Sheet with a worksheet for the data and another one to generate the graph, then they’d already have access to all the pieces that you need. 


If you’d rather have them submit their information via Typeform each time and then get sent a graph at the end (ie you don’t want them to see the Google Sheet at all) then I think you can do that using Google Sheets and Google Slides. With Google Slides you can create a presentation from a template and also refresh any charts in the presentation using Zapier. With that, I think that you could:

  1. Create a new Google Sheet and Slides doc when the learner submits their first Typeform
  2. Send regular Typeforms to have them continue to update their spending over time
  3. Search for the correct Google Sheet for each learner (eg by using their full name as the name of the sheet) and update the sheet using the information from Typeform
  4. At the time that you want to send the graphs to them, use Zapier to refresh the charts in the sheets and send a link to the presentation (this could be pdf) to the students


That gives you a couple of options, as I said it depends how much you’d like to use Zapier vs how much the learners add their own information. Which do you think would work best for you?

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Heya @mckelvy_ops!

Swapping Google Forms for Typeform is definitely be an option but I’m not sure if it would save steps. 🙂 You’d still need Google Sheets to store and track everything over time.

If you give it a shot, definitely keep us posted! We’d love to know how you’re getting along with it.