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  • 4 September 2020
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Hiiii everyone, I’m needing some help here. I am trying to make a zap between Honeybook and my gmail account or type form I believe. EXAMPLE. When Honeybook receives a new booked session then Zappier sends a custom email with link to person who booked a session. When making Zaps there are just a few options under honeybook. It doesnt have any “ Scheduling/ Booking” Options. How can I get around this? Thanks for your help!

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3 replies

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Hi @wreckcreation co. , 


Are people paying for these sessions? If so you could try the “New Payment Paid” trigger. 


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Hi @wreckcreation co. 

Just checking back in. Did you manage to work something out here?

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Hey Seun, Thanks for helping out, thanks for the suggestion!


No, these clients haven't paid for the session yet. they are simply booking the time slot through scheduling.  the next step would be to send them an email with a link to so that they can fill out a questionnaire & contract and then I would send another email with an invoice for payment, I need to do all these steps because honey book just doesn’t have many user options. They have made the app so that it works best on their website but we would rather use it with our own website.


I feel like the big issue is that Zapier doesn't have many actions for the honeybook. They just have a few and none of them are the ones I need but there’s gotta be a way around that.