help with changing label in Monday when client makes a purchase

  • 23 September 2022
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I run a membership community in Mighty networks and we are using as our CRM.

We keep track of payment in Monday. I am trying to update a label in for individual. My trigger is the purchase of the plan in Mighty Networks. I need to change the label of the member from trial to paid.

I am able to create a new member with the triggers, but I do not seems to be able to update the field.

Any ideas? 

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3 replies

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Hi @Science lover!

I think the action you want is called Change Multiple Column Values. Have you given that a try? It looks like you need to set the Board ID and the Item (contact) ID and from there you can change the value of the label from trial to paid.

Can you let us know if that works? 

@shalgrim I saw that, but it only let’s me chose an individual contact, not a column (which in my case would be membership type) that needs to be updated


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Hey there @Science lover ,

I believe if you select a contact then more input fields will show up, the other columns on that item.

Have you tried selecting a contact and seeing if you can see more fields there?

Let me know how that goes!