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HELP! Vcita isn't connecting to Gocanvas

  • 18 March 2020
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Hello. Our business uses VCITA ( an online booking program ) and also uses go canvas. I am setting up the zap between vcita, so when we get an appointment booking it automatically creates a dispatch in GoCanvas (so i dont have to fill out both booking systems everyday). Now I am getting an error when I am filling out - (Assign Item too) where i put in the technicians name from the vcita calendar, i then need it to assign to the technicians name in gocanvas. but it it saying the field has an error. Now i understand it needs an email address not a name to connect the two - but it is under our technicians name not email address - because we do not want clients through vcita to see our technicians email address. I tried to use formatter by zapier so that the systems see the technicians name but knows its the email address. I hope this has made senses, I can’t get any zapier support and need help desperately. thanks


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Hi @ScorpionPest I’m sorry that you’re having some trouble with your Zap, let’s see if we can figure this out 🙂


So it sounds like:

  • You only get the technician’s name in vCita
  • You need the technician’s email for GoCanvas
  • You’re using a Formatter lookup step to match the technician’s name with their email address

Is that all correct? That sounds like the right approach to me - is there a specific part of it that you’re having trouble with? Or an error message that you’re getting? If so, could you please give us some more details so that we can better understand the trouble that you’re having? For example, if you’re getting an error message, what does it say, and what step is it in?

Hi Danvers.


I have created a look up table through formatter and it is still not working.

  1. So I put the technicians name (as seen in VCITA) into the ‘key’ and i put there email address (needed for gocanvas) in the ‘values’ on the right.
  1. Then i go to send a test dispatch and it is still only using the 1 technicians name that I created the appointment with. (so for example when i turn the zap on - create an appointment in VCITA under a different techncians name ( one that is in the lookup table ) it is still not assigning anybody in gocanvas. Can someone please access my ZAP and have a look? Thanks
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Thanks for coming back with those details, @ScorpionPest

The first thing to make sure is that in the GoCanvas step of the Zap you’re using the output of the Formatter Lookup table in the ‘Assigned to’ field. If the output of the Formatter step is in the Assigned field, it should always add the lookup value (the email address) in that field when the Zap runs. 


If you’d like someone to specifically take a look at your Zap and work through it with you, it’s best to do that with the Support Team rather than on the Community as they have more tools that they can use to help you. I can see that you have a couple of tickets open already, so you can ask the Customer Champion that you’re working with to take a look there.