Help creating a Zap to update a board when an record in Salesforce is updated

  • 14 March 2023
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I’m trying to create a zap that will dynamically update items in a board if a record in Salesforce (Opportunity Stage) is updated. 

So far I think I’m on the right track with the following: 

Trigger - updated record in Salesforce

Action - find a record in Salesforce

Action - get column values in


I keep getting stuck in the action since a required field is Item ID, where I’d have to select a specific item to update rather than allowing it to search for an updated opportunity stage in salesforce for all items listed in the board. 


Any help figuring out how to do this is much appreciated!

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8 replies

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Hi @DanTri 

Good question.

Try these Zap steps…

  1. Trigger: Salesforce - Updated Record
    1. Maybe consider using this trigger: Updated Field on Record
  2. Action: Monday - Get Item by Column Value
  3. Action: Monday - Change Multiple Columns Value
    1. Map the Monday Item ID from Step 2

Hi Troy, 


Thanks for the response! 

Trigger and Action 1 seem to be getting me closer, but Action 2 is still making me select one specific item on the board to link, rather than allowing it to dynamically search all items for an update in Salesforce. In other words, Action 2 is requiring me to select one opportunity record to check for updates, rather than allowing the search and update of all records. 

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You need to use the ‘Custom’ mapping option to dynamic map the Monday Item ID from Step 2.


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Hi @DanTri!

Did Troy’s replies help you to set up your Zap? Let us know if you have any questions!



I’m sorry, I’m still getting tripped up. Here’s what I have going on:


Trigger - Updated record in Salesforce. I believe I have that all set up correctly like such:


Action 1 - Get Item by Column Value in I’m not sure if I have this set up correctly. I ultimaely want the stage in the monday item to be updated when it’s updated in salesforce. This is how I have this set up: 


Action 2 - Change Multiple Column Value in I’m still getting tripped up at the Item ID section. Even the custom mapping is requiring me to link to one specific item, rather dynamically to all items. See below:


I’m sure this is more straightforward than I’m making it. Thanks for helping a newbie!

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Hi @DanTri 

It’s probably best that you outline a specific example with real data to help us connect the dots between the apps for what you are trying to do, and provide screenshots.


For Step 2, seems like you may want to find a specific Item ID, not just ANY Item ID that has a matching Stage.

What is the matching value that would allow you to know which Monday Item matches the Salesforce Opportunity that triggered the Zap?

For example, is the related Monday Item ID saved in a field on the Salesforce Opportunity, or is the Salesforce Opportunity ID saved in a column on the Monday Item, or does the Monday Item have the same name as the Salesforce Opportunity?

NOTE: This Zap step will only return 1 Item if a matching Item is found.


For the Item ID field in Step 3, you will want to map the Item ID from Step 2.


Hi Troy, 


I’m getting more lost. 

First, I have a separate Zap set up between Salesforce and to create an item in monday when there is a new record in salesforce. This is zap is mapped correctly and doing what I’m intending: 


Second, what I am trying to do with this zap is to update the already stage column in the already created monday item when the stage is updated in Salesforce. It cannot be as complicated as it seems. 

I’ve tried setting it up with 3 stages as you suggested but cannot get it mapped correctly:


I’ve also tried setting it up with 2 steps, as seen below, but cannot get this set up correct either


This cannot be as complicated as it feels. Is there a demo video I can reference somewhere?


Thanks for all of your help. 



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I’d recommend taking this approach.

Add another step to your first Zap, to update the Salesforce Record with the created Monday Item ID into a custom field.

That way in your second Zap you won’t have to use Step 2, and can simply say update this Monday Item to this Stage.