Have you discovered any new apps via their Zapier integrations?

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Hey there, everybody! I’m wondering…

Are there any apps you use that you discovered because of that app’s Zapier integration?

Waaaaay back in the day, long before I worked at Zapier, I would routinely check out the Zapbook (as it was called back then) to learn about new apps. I’d check the beta section to see what had recently been added.

Anyone else find apps via Zapier? 

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I am an avid follower of “Zapier Updates” and have found quite a few apps through the “just added to Zapier directory” posts :-) And same goes for me as well - if an app/tool doesn’t have Zapier integration (or at least a webhook) it’s a no go for me.

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That’s definitely a consideration of mine, too! All things being equal (or almost equal) if an app integrates with Zapier I’m likely to lean towards that one. I find the Beta and Recently Added sections to be a great source of new apps.

Every app category in the directory has this section in it (this is the Phone and SMS category), as well, and I like seeing what’s new and featured there too:


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I don’t remember learning about a new tool through the Zapier directory, although that’s a good idea! But I rarely sign up for a tool that isn’t in the Zapier directory.