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Google Sheets - MYSQL - Send GMAIL

  • 11 November 2022
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I’m wondering if this is possible:


We have an inventory recieving google sheets.

When a new line is added (new item arrived) I want Zapier:

  1. Query mysql database for customers who purchased the item (We have a table with products purchased that we search now)
  2. Send out a gmail to those clients alerting them of the product arrival


Is that at all possible. I can kind of see it and I have a programmer who can help me with the query. I’m just wondering if zapier can handle email from a list?


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Hi @IcarusZaps!

The gmail integration doesn’t support line items, which is what you would need to send it multiple email addresses from the results of a single query and have them all sent.

However, I can think of a couple of ways of working around that.

The first is to use the Looping by Zapier app to have it loop over all the results from the query and create a gmail task for each row.

Another way of having it work is to have your Zap end in a Google Sheets step that writes to another Google Sheet and then have a second Zap that reads on each new row in that Google Sheet ands sends things off to Gmail. We have a help article describing this here.

Finally, a third way I can think of accomplishing this, if you don’t need to customize the email at all by recipient, is to BCC all the people from the query using a comma separated list as shown here. You’ll probably need a Formatter step in front of the Gmail step there to convert the rows from the query into a comma separated list.

Does that help?

Let us know if you have more questions!