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  • 20 October 2020
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I’m new to zapier and I love it, in concept.  I was able to get it to do one important function which is to update a google shees with a new event added to google calendar. I love seeing new events auto populate into my spreadsheet.

However, I’m going in circles trying to get it to do some other things I’m hoping it will help me with.

I need it also to update a google sheet row when an event in google calendar is changed

and I need it to delete a google sheet row when an event is cancelled.

I have a feeling I’m doing something wrong in the row field but I’ve tried every option and It’s still not working.  

If anyone could help with their Zapertise I would be very grateful.

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7 replies

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Hi @ThePuliceDept - have you been touch with support yet. They run 24/7 and will definitely help guide you through this. You can open a ticket here:

In terms of trying to get help here. Can you show us screenshots of how the various steps of your zap are setup?

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Thanks. I tried that but again the zap failed to find the row and make the change. It just added a new row again. I love the idea of zaps but the lack of customer service makes it hard to advocate its use company wide.

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You might want to consider a zap that triggers when the event is created and adds the Gcal event ID to the Google Sheet - giving you a search key you can use to record changes.

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Thanks for checking in. I have it working mostly, though not consistently. The biggest challenge is with calendar changes. Zapier can’t find the correct row to make the change so I have to manually go in and make the changes.

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Hi @ThePuliceDept 
Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

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Thanks Troy



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Please provide screenshots of your Zap step configurations.

Action: GSheets - Lookup Row

Triggers/Actions/Searches available for the apps: