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I am trying to set up alerts in Slack when I have an appointment coming up in Google Calendar. I have the integration working and I’m on the Standard plan. I have my trigger interval set to 9 minutes - it will check Google calendar every 9 minutes then report if there’s an upcoming event. The issue is it’s sometimes 3 minutes late or 5 minutes late, but sometimes it works fine.


I know this may be a limitation of the standard plan, but how do others handle this on the std plan? What’s the “sweet spot” ? Should I set my alert time to 15 minutes and have it scan every 9 minutes? What’s the best way to achieve this alert system?


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Here’s the help documentation:

Some events are missed by the "Event Start" trigger

This can happen if you set the field Time Before for an interval shorter than what your plan allows.
Event Start is a polling trigger, so the interval depends on the plan.
The Free and Starter plans, for example, check for updates in the trigger app every 15 minutes.
This means you'll need to set the Time Before field to 16 minutes or more, or the Zap might miss some events.

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Hey Troy,


I think I’m just a bit confused with that. I’ve been playing with the interval and when I set it to 16, it’s still delayed. If I set that “time before” to 20, it will notify me 20 minutes before each meeting, right? 

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Hi @ReturnCo 

Good question.

Check the description underneath the field:


With a polling trigger, Zapier will check for new data from your trigger every 1 to 15 minutes in order to start your Zap, depending on your pricing plan.