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Google Analytics goal source/medium to Autotask ticket

  • 20 August 2020
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I’m attempting to create a Zap which achieves the following:

When someone complete a form, this both triggers a goal in Google Analytics, and creates a new ticket in Autotask.

I want to create a Zap which passes on the source/medium data from the Google Analytics goal, and updates the ticket with this information.

How would this be achieved?

I know that the Analytics goal and Autotask ticket will need a unique ID which is shared, so that the Zap can find the ticket which matches the goal, but right now Google Analytics creates an Client ID, and Autotask creates ticket numbers, and they are different - how do I get around that problem?


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Hey @JasonCT! It looks like our support team has responded to help you navigate this workflow.

For anyone following along with this thread, currently, the source field is not provided in Google Analytics “New Goal” trigger. That being said, you could tie the two together by putting the “self link” for the Goal from Google Analytics within the body of the ticket in Autotask. The “self link” is a field that comes across from the Google Analytics “New Goal” trigger. This link should connect to Google Analytics but if for any reason does not, the only other way to 'link' the two, would be to reference the Google Analytics Name/ID.

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Hello! What solution are you using for your form? It may be easier to use a trigger from that app, or send a webhook to zapier directly from the submission?