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  • 8 November 2020
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If I am getting regular emails with photos, to and from consistent email addresses, can a Zap be made to move all of the attachments to CompanyCam?  

If so, and the address is in the subject line of the email, would it be possible to put these attachments in an existing folder?

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7 replies

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Hey! Yes it can. How are your attachments coming through - as a comma-separated list or as single attachments on individual emails?

If it’s single attachments, you can simply set up a zap as follows…

If it’s comma-separated lists...

Right now there are limited ways to do this without workarounds using code steps and webhooks - But I know Zapier are working on a looping functionality which handles this sort of thing very easily. 

Can you share some screenshots of what’s coming through so we can try to help?

@andywingrave It’s multiple attachments on a single email.  

Right now, it’s just creating new projects in CompanyCam, not sending the attachments over.

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Yeah - That makes sense… You basically need to handle the attachments somehow. Does the Company cam app let you upload multiple screenshots, or is there only space for one? 

Can you please share a screenshot of your step where you upload to CompanyCam? 

So here is the first step, not sure what info you need to see.  


Second step is to find a project in CompanyCam

Then we get here, and I run off the rails. 

I have tried different things for Project ID and Image URL and I get nowhere.

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I see...So the task is expecting one URL. Which means you will need to handle this a bit differently. 

First of all - You can see that you’re sending “All attachments” which is effectively a binary file when you actually want to send Company cam a URL of the image…. So we need to rethink the way we configure this zap…


However, I have good news… there is a better way...

Because you are using Gmail, you can use the “New Attachment” trigger in Zapier, instead of “New email”, then you can use a filter to ensure that the zap meets your criteria. 

This will handle the attachments separately, allowing you to handle each individually./

The one difference is I’ve added a filter step - This is how you can make sure the image meets your criterea.

Lastly - And kinda most importantly… We need to send the URL and not the file to Companycam...So please bear this in mind. Depending on how GMail sends this data to Zapier, you *may* need to take steps to get this URL depending on the data coming through from Gmail

I have tried every logical URL choice that Zapier offers me here.  None are successful.  

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(Sorry to ask again...But screenshot, please?)