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Gmail Mail Label Parent & Children

  • 10 December 2019
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I've created a Zap that when a job is created it then make a label in my email account. But I am having a problem with getting the jobs that relate to the same client to be grouped under the same parent label.


All same to be created:

Clients/"Client Name"/ JobNo - Job Title

I have manually told the Zap the create all the labels in Clients but the client name will differ. What I am ending up with is the client name is recreated each time I create a new job and not nested under the single client name.

I'm guessing I need some type of lookup or cross reference to my inbox to see if the client label needs to be created or already exists, how would I do this?


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Hi @Richard!

Hmm, there's no Find Label Search action for the Gmail integration so if you wanted to check to see if the label already existed, you'd need to have them stored somewhere else. For example, could you create a Google Sheet with all the labels on it? When you get a new email, you can search the sheet for the label and then, depending on whether it was found, either create a new label (and add a new row to the Google Sheet) or use an existing one.