Get Public Google Drive Link from Google Form Data

  • 27 September 2022
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I’m trying to pull the image file submitted from a google form, then have it added to the task on Clickup. The google form stores the files on a public google drive.


I’m trying it this way >

Receive form response
Create task in Clickup
Use webhook to get the image file from the URL generated by google forms.
Upload image to the task in Clickup.


The problem I’m running into is that the link generated by the google form is not working through the app. When I click “Get link” on the image itself, then copy it in the webhook URL, it works fine.

What’s the best way to get that image to Clickup? 

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5 replies

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Can you share screenshots of what is returned from the trigger step in Zapier?

My first thought would be to try to add a 

Find a File action step (Google Drive action)

I tried the find a file step, but none of the options were linking to the file -


Which one should I select?

Here is the trigger file.



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Hey @Twolak Just a heads up that we’re going to close this thread since you’ve opened a thread about the same question, here: