Formulas erased in my Google Sheet

  • 12 April 2020
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I have a zap between shopify and google sheet,


everytime the zap is triggered it collects data from shopify and past it to the G.sheet however it seems that all the formula that where already predefine in the new row are deleted (the formulas are in cell where the zap is not supposed to paste DATA).


Does anyone know how to fix that ?

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4 replies

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Hi there!

After taking a look at this, it appears that it's going to require some further investigation. I'm escalating this to our Support team, who will be able to provide you with a timely resolution.

To help them out, can you confirm something for me? Is it the case that the Zap is adding data into rows that are NOT at the very bottom of the sheet, but instead it’s over-writing existing rows in your spreadsheet?

Hi Nick, 

The zap does write in the last Row however it deleted formula in the cell of the column where nothing was pasted.

I can't paste those formula into the zap because it involves cells that requires a manual change. Ex :

(row 43 the last one) formula in D43 (if C43=xyz;value 1;value2) the zap when upload the columm A B E G H will erase the formula in cell D43. 


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Hi @SIMP! Thanks for the extra information with this - I can see that the Support Team has sent a response so if you have any further questions, that’s the best place to reply. Thanks!

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I'm checking in with you here, since I don’t see a response to the message that our Support team had sent you. Have you managed to resolve things or did you still need help here? Please let us know :)