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Force Zapier to continue despite error

  • 26 May 2020
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Dear Zapieronians,


I am running a simple Jotform-->Zapier-->Zipwhip.  In Zapier, I ask it to create a contact in Zipwhip.  If Zipwhip reports a duplicate contact, Zapier throws an error and stops.


How do I force Zapier to continue despite the error?

Thanks, JS


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5 replies

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Yeah - It doesn’t offer a successor/error handling step. If it throws an error, it won’t know what to do and in 99% of cases this is actually a great feature, but in your case, you are actually wanting to find the user first. (I would actually make the argument that this is actually a design fault with the zap creator)- but in terms of a solution….

  • If you can somehow use an intermediary (e.g. a CRM) to lookup before creating the user, then you’ll be able to avoid the error altogether because you’ll know whether they need created 
  • If you can use their API to lookup the user before creating them using Zapier’s webhooks feature this would also be a great solution

I don’t have any other ideas, unfortunately. 

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Not that I’m aware of… in Microsoft Power Automate, I can create a successor step that will run or not run if the previous step experienced an error.

I searched but it doesn't appear Zapier offers it?

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Is there a way you can check if the user exists in Zipwhip outside of Zipwhip before creating the user? If so, you can do this check and continue only if they don’t exist.

Otherwise you might need to use their API to check whether they exist or not.

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Hi Saas--


The fields are based on data coming from our Jotform. E.g., First Name, Last Name and Mobile Number.  When this information is passed to Zipwhip, Zipwhip returns a correct message that the user and phone number already exist -- which is ok; I just want Zapier to continue even though Zipwhip says otherwise.

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Hey there! How are you configuring the zap? Can you show what field you are basing the creation of a user on? Is it email for example?