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Find post in wordpress - Search title - search query

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Could you please advice how to SEARCH a post (setting action: find post in wordpress), by just using my output: post_id?


In other words, how could we “tell” to the system (your system), in search query to search for a post, having a title which CONTAINS an output data I have already extracted from a previous step?


Is it possible to use search query parameters in the title so to find (your zapier system) the post?


PLEASE SEE ATTACHED IMAGE and you will understant immediately what I;m describing here.


Thank you beforehand for your prompt attention and settlement of this issue.




Best answer by Danvers 8 November 2022, 11:48

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Hi @asteri!

The way that you have the Zap set up in your screenshot will search the Wordpress for any titles with the output of the Formatter step. When you tested this step, did it not find the post you were looking for? Just to confirm, the step will look at the title of the post for the search query, not the post ID or content. 

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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Hi Danvers,

Thank you for reaching out.

No, unfortunately it didn’t find the post. Can I put in the search query this output, in a way to INCLUDE this in the title - and not being (this formatter output) the absolute value? 

My post titles in wordpress INCLUDE this value (i.e. post title sample: “This is a post title - ENTRY ID - Date”) where entry id is my output value.

Thank you again beforehand for helping me out!

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I’m trying to find (if it is possible programmatically in the zapier step) the best regex/search query to insert to this field, so to tell to the system / this zap step, to search for the title which INCLUDES the formatter output - in this way it will find the search title, since each post title has a unique number / entry id (included in the post title as mentioned before in the sample above).

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Hi @asteri!

If the search you’re running isn’t finding posts, there’s nothing more you can do within that Zap step to change what gets searched for. In other words, all the work is done on the backend after you submit the search.

As a test, have you tried typing out the exact title of a post you know exists, as opposed to mapping the output of that other step? Just to make sure that it can be found. If so, that means just adding a part of the title won’t get you the results you’re after :(

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Hi nicksimard :)

First of all thank you for the time you dedicate to reply to my post and sharing your suggestion.

The point here is to find the post just by entering a unique value in the search title, i.e. the output field I entered.

In my case, every post title, INCLUDES the value of the output field. Hence, for instance in wordpress backend, wherever I put this value, always finds the post.

The concern here is just this: enter just this piece of text in the search post title and find the title.

In my case it is not possible to enter entire title to find the post, otherwise this zap step would be useless.

The main goal here is to find the post with the data I have (which is possible in the wordpress - posts backend just by entering this data).

That’s why I started this thread - if possible to see the ZAPIER development team as well, to advice if it is possible to enter in the search title post a regex / string type of search

(i.e in google we put: “intitle:wordpress post” - This says to google to find pages with certain words to be included in the title)

I hope you got what I mean :)

Anyways, if it is not possible technically in this step, the Zapier team should consider to have it in mind for enhancing this in a future update of integrations.

Thanks again, really appreciate your input.

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Hi @asteri 

You’re right that there isn’t a way to use additional search terms in the Find Post action, I’m sorry about that. There isn’t an existing feature request to use search modifiers/regex in the Find Post action but if you get in touch with the Support Team using the Get Help form they’ll be able to create one for you. 


Thanks for your letting us know your thoughts on the search function and I’m sorry that it doesn’t work the way that you need it to!

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Hey @asteri!

As Danvers pointed out, there’s unfortunately nothing else you can add to your searches. What I’d suggested was meant to make sure that you were able to find the posts when you searched the exact title. If not, then the problem may not have been that you were only using part of the title.

In this case it does appear, however, that you won’t be able to find it by using less than the whole title. It’s a great idea, though, to have a more flexible search!

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Hello again!

I found the way to have the post title in the email matching search.

The problem now is how to use the perfect python regular expression to find and extract the pattern.

I.e. every post title starts with the words (Greek): “Αίτηση για”

And ends with “2022”

Could you please advice which regex to use in formatter step?

Thank you beforehand again for the contribution.

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Oh its ok, I found it!

Here is a very useful link for all who face difficulties in python:

I bookmarked, it worked excellent for Zapier.

It converts / shows you which pattern to use after inserting your text.

Thanks again all of you. We could easily close this thread :)

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Hi @asteri 

Thanks for letting us know that you were able to work this one out and for sharing that great resource!