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Filter only on name change updates in Pipedrive

Hi All,


I’ve just come across a hurdle or two when it comes to triggering for a particular field change in Pipedrive / Shopify.


The idea is that when the customer name is updated in Shopify or Pipedrive, it updates the other automatically. My issues are:

  • How can I set up a trigger so that it ONLY looks for a name change, rather than a customer-wide update (which could be any field change relating to the customer).
  • How can I compare the previous data. For example if the name changes in Pipedrive, I need to then search Shopify for the OLD customer name in order to update it to the new new name.


Has anyone been able to do this sort of thing before? I don’t believe it will be a unique issue to Pipedrive / Shopify.


I appreciate any guidance.


Kind regards,



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No problem!

A unique identifier would be a great thing to have if the usual ones like name or email are changing. One possible one would be to just pass the shopify customer id into a custom field in Pipedrive then you can skip searching for a customer in Shopify all together and just update the customer directly since you already know their id. 

If you’d like to hire us to build the custom trigger for you, please feel free to send us a private message. Otherwise, I will help as much as I can in this post


Hi @GetUWired 


I’ll look into using the Pipedrive API, thanks. I have some experience but not much.


The person’s email may be the more difficult part of this, as it may change or be changed by someone. I think maybe I can create a unique identifier and put it as a custom field in both Pipedrive and Shopify.


Thanks for the help.

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Hi @Userrnamee 

In order to set up a trigger that specific, you will need to leverage the Pipedrive API and build it custom. 

When searching for the customer in Shopfiy, you will need to search by the person’s email address and not their name.