Filter by comparing source with destination data

  • 10 August 2022
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I want to connect a source system with a destination system. When an entry in the source system is updated, I want to add a filter, which checks if the field “status” of the source item is different from the destination item.

How is this possible to realize? Or is it even?

This is necessary, because I only need items to be transferred that have a specific status. But when this status changes for items in the source system, I need to have them deleted in the destination.

I hope you understand what I mean and I would appreciate to get some answers! Thank you in advance! :)

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1 reply

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Hey there, @Zappi1000! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community! 🎉

Do you mind clarifying what your source and destination apps are? 🙂 From there it might be helpful to check out if there are supported apps for them here:

Zapier works essentially by WHEN and DO. "When (trigger) this happens, do (action) that." - The reason I mention this is if you do locate the apps in the directory, I’d recommend checking out if the triggers and actions you’re looking for are supported in those apps. 🤗

It might be helpful to check out out some Zapier basics as well:

Keep us posted with any other q’s you may have!